HQ-203 Klinu Brusto Gazetaro

HQ-203 Klinu Brusto Gazetaro

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1.product design learn from domestic and foreign advanced design concepts 2.with60 * 120mm high quality Q235 square tube steel 3.the main pipe thickness of 2.5mm 4.the product uses environmentally friendly PU cushion, the body more healthy, more    comfortable and durable 5.cushion adjustment using manual configuration, convenient, high security 6.the transmission parts of the use of high-grade high-quality pulley. 7.the movement trajectory more in line with the principles of human kin...

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1.product dezajno lerni de hejmaj kaj eksterlandaj progresinta dezajno konceptoj
2.with60 * 120mm alta kvalito Q235 kvadrataj tubon ŝtalo
3.the ĉefa pipo dikeco de 2.5mm
4.The produkto uzas medie amika PU kuseno, la korpo pli sanaj, pli komforta kaj durable
5.cushion alĝustigo uzanta manlibro agordo, oportuna, alta sekureco
6.the transdono partoj de la uzo de alta-grado altkvalitaj pulio.
7.the movado trajektorion pli en linio kun la principoj de homaj kinematiko 

HQ-203 Klinu Brusto Gazetaro 

Grandeco (L * W * H (mm)): 1523 × 2075 × 1781

Maŝino pezo: 170kg

Max Laŭdu: 300kg

• product description
The following are the same as the ”
The independent movement arm provides a more balanced force increase and can choose to train one arm at a time or at the same time to concentrate and centrifuge the other arm.
During the movement, the movement of the handle will be gathered at a point, resulting in a natural movement of the arc, expand the scope of activities.
The warm-up and stretch lines are integrated with the frame so that the muscles of the concentrated exercise are easily accessible.
The actual minimum load training for each handle is 500 g.
Major related activities: boxing, judo, javelin, soccer, yacht, basketball, shot, rugby, weightlifting, volleyball, wrestling, gymnastics, sledding, swimming, water polo



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