HQ-207 Sacs Press

HQ-207 Sacs Press

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1.product design learn from domestic and foreign advanced design concepts 2.with60 * 120mm high quality Q235 square tube steel 3.the main pipe thickness of 2.5mm 4.the product uses environmentally friendly PU cushion, the body more healthy, more comfortable and durable 5.cushion adjustment using manual configuration, convenient, high security 6.the transmission parts of the use of high-grade high-quality pulley. 7.the movement trajectory more in line with the principles of human kinema...

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Disignu 1.product amparà da li cuncetti disignu avanzata di gnustrii e straneri
2.with60 * 120mm high quality Q235 prima piazza azzaru
3.the principali grosime pipa di 2.5mm
4.the product uses environmentally friendly PU cushion, the body more healthy, more comfortable and durable
cutter 5.cushion cù cunfigurazione manual, còmuda, altu di sicurità
parti trasmissioni 6.the di l 'usu di high-scelta trinse high-di qualità.
U muvimentu 7.the trajectoire di più in ligna cu lu principi di kinematics umanu

HQ-207 Sacs Press 

Size (L * W * H (mm)): 1750 × 1500 × 1800

Machine Peso: 150kg

Max Load: 300kg

product description
Closed dynamic chain exercise focused training of buttocks muscles.
Large foot support can increase the diversity of exercise.
The pelvic pad allows the user to relax the back, while the ground leg pad can reduce the weight of the body to bear the body.
Major related activities: rugby, skating, soccer, wrestling, judo, sumo, cross country, swimming, walking, handball, volleyball, basketball



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